This valley has been home to the people of the First Nations for centuries and the names of each of our 7 cabins refer to that connection. Their names (‘Bear Cave’, ‘Beaver Lodge’, ‘Wolf Den’, ‘Eagles Nest’,… ) clearly embody their place in nature and wildlife. They have been inaugurated by the Xeni Gwet’in elders at the end of September 2015.


Each cabin has a living room and 2 large bedrooms with each a private bathroom and dressing. They are scattered in the woods, which allows you to withdraw from the world and enjoy your privacy. Curl up on the covered terrace that provides a panoramic view on the fields, the mountains and the Elkin creek.


Feeling for exploring nature more on a private way? You can rent a cabin with fully equipped kitchen, so you and your friends or family can enjoy a private stay with use of the accommodation of the ranch and lake.